Crucified in glitter

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Trapped in a smile
as painful as an open wound
stuck in a pretty distortion of the truth
feathers on the floor
I found myself crucified in glitter
and I caught fire
sacrificed my wings in hell
intoxicated by guilt
just to realize
no one else cared
I was hoping you could speak my language
screamed my words against a foreign wall
but in a corridor with no doors
Is it too late to reach out for a hand?
hope for anyone to understand?
Slowly loosing my own voice
I framed a tear
walked down the street
and sold it
There’s plenty of bookies
they line the streets
I gave that money to a homeless man
I’m not generous
I had nothing to buy
Is it best to start all over one more time?
Who stole the dreams?
Mother says careful they don’t steel your self esteem
What if I don’t really care?
I don’t really mind?
Cause I’ve seen the sun setting on the rising tide
and I’ve sung my soul for all to hear
and if I had to die
I would be sad only for the ones
who would truly shed a tear
Me, I’m fine

veronika coassolo

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On April 11, 2014

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