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“Trust and know that fear won’t kill
A warning sign
Open your eyes
It will hurt like severed thread
But it will heal you back into life
At last you’ll find
The best of you…”



“I ask you please
Take good care of my dreams
And I will stay
Till the horizon meets an end…”


Every Moment

“The same place can be heaven or hell
The same day can never be replaced
But a better one can be made
And it’s ok to be afraid…”


Eclipse of the Gods

“Letting go of the Devil’s hand
Finding balance on my feet
I’ve been a puppet to his moods
A quest for my sanity
Through shadows of truth
Eclipse of the Gods…”



“Tightrope walker
Through my thoughts
Tiptoeing through the motions
Of my mind
Hardly balancing this reasoning
Teetering brittle as I walk
But I’m still up…”


Veronika Coassolo (Italian)


After achieving success within the Italian music industry, where she collaborated with prominent artists and eclectic projects such as Subsonica and Anti Anti, Veronika became a household name with numerous TV and radio appearances. Her achievements spanned international markets including appearances on music shows such as BBC “Top of the Pops,” “Viva,” and MTV. She decided to move to America to pursue a solo career in 2004.

Settling in Los Angeles, she quickly hooked up with trip hop guru Tricky of “The Wild bunch / Massive Attack” and began a European Tour “Summer of 2006 Tour” followed by a world tour in 2008 in which she sang her own material “Veronika” (co written with Davide Boosta DiLeo) also featured on “Knowle West Boy” by Tricky. During the summer of 2008 Veronika appeared on “The Late show” hosted by David Letterman and Canal Plus “Album de la Semaine,” adding to her many TV credits. In 2011 Veronika joined Tricky for another European Tour. Other artists she collaborated with during this period are DJ/ Producer Photek (Grammy nominee) & legendary guitarist and composer Warren Cuccurullo.

“Pacific High” is Veronika’s new enigmatic debut EP, inspired from her epic voyage in which she crossed both North & South Pacific Oceans covering some 11,000 miles in a small sailing sloop on a quest to ignite her creative freedom; guided by the infinite starlit skies and ever evolving weather systems that helped sculpt this unique soundscape that mirrors her instinctive journey into the unknown.

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