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June 7th .. Thank you!

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Another year, tick tock… The hand of time.  June 7th was my birthday.

How old am I? I’m timeless.

Don’t reduce me to a number… I am all the things I’ve done and they are countless.

Another marvelous year. Full. Blessed. A year spent in the most magical home. I’ve lived in a Sanctuary immersed in nature.. and inspiration.

I have built with my own hands. I have Built a home . I have made music . Released songs.

I am very proud of this last work and grateful for the help of incredibly talented artists, friends, family and lover. Grateful for the support of all the amazing artists I have collaborated with through the years… your support is priceless!
And thanks to the new ones that are part of Pacific High

Veronika Coassolo in studio-1
And now… I jump into the next chapter. Exciting changes again. New music ahead. Performances. And … Remixes from pacific High!
Please stay tuned! Check in to see what’s new and keep on listening and sharing what I have done. It’s challenging to do this independently, but filled with rewards and freedom. And of freedom I can never have enough of.
So..thank you June 7th 😉 See you next year !

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On June 10, 2014

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