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I have lived on a sail boat for over three years sailing some 11000 miles through the Pacific Ocean… I had the chance of a lifetime… and I took it! During those days I learned a lot … I met the most wonderful, free thinking people and…… I wrote songs. ‘Cause that is what I do.

Songs are my therapy.. and they are my safe place. A place I often needed in life and… out there in the open Ocean! I crossed thousands of miles sometimes not seeing land for days .. From Mexico to French Polynesia it took three weeks!… nothing but water for three weeks!

When you are far from what has been your reality and you face new challenges you transform and you grow. Sink or swim.

Sailing Apple

In the South Pacific Ocean I have seen and I have tasted heaven and I have seen and felt hell …

Here is one of the things I have learned during an experience that changed me forever and will influence my life forevermore. During a bad storm that lasted 36 hours, Mike ( my lover, companion and Captain) and I,  had to step up and save each other’s life . Picture me thousands of miles from land, our 45 foot sail boat and a VERY ANGRY OCEAN.
From my journal:

When you find yourself in a storm and you have nothing but your hands to steer the helm and your will to live, you learn fear does not serve you. When you accept you are a tiny dot in a Ocean, vulnerable and fragile, your life could very well end and you coud be swallowed by massive and dark waves …  simply disappear leaving no trace… when conquering mounatins (of water) seems an impossible task… you finally surrender ,face it and realize … YOU JUST NEED TO STEER THE DAMN BOAT.

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On April 21, 2014

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